Colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and upper endoscopy all utilize flexible cameras to view the GI tract. These tests are very important for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of  conditions and for cancer prevention/early detection.There are are a variety of colon prepsavailable- they all work basically the same way to cleanse out the bowel by drinking the prep plus a large volume of water. When you take the prep you can drink the water chilled or at room temperature, some people become too chilled if they drink the water when it has been refrigerated.

You will need to bring a driver (or someone to accompany you on the bus) after the procedure- because of the sedation you can not drive home.

You should be fine to return to work the day after the procedure.

I do not recommend scheduling these tests when you will be leaving town the next day-plan not to travel for 24 hours after the procedure if at all possible.

After the procedure there may be mild gas or cramping –this is normal. Sometimes people are alarmed that they do not have any passage of bowel movements  for a day or two after the exam- this is because the colon has been cleansed out.

If you are on iron please stop it for 7 days prior to the exam if possible.
Hold nonsteroidal  anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) 7 days before. If you are on blood thinners  including aspirin , please check with your pcp or prescribing physician as to whether these can be safely held before the exam, do not stop them without approval from your prescribing physician. 

Details about the procedures can be found on the next page, procedure details.