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  • Very helpful with my insurance questions and was seen right away. Staff were friendly, and doctor clear. September 14, 2017• Initials hidden• Source: Zocdoc

  • Doc was an active listener and was through in her examination. She's obviously heard and seen it all but was still very patient with me and my situation. May 26, 2017• Fadi G., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc 

  • EXCELLENT DOCTOR! NO B.S. !! May 4, 2017• Coleen C., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • Dr. Reiser took all of the information from my records in stride and seems to have some thoughts about what it is that is wrong with me. I have seen quite a few health care professionals, and I am quite impressed with Dr. Reiser's ability to take in all the information I had and come up with some ideas. April 18, 2017• Initials hidden• Source: Zocdoc

  • This was just an initial visit but I think it went as well as I expected. It was more of a consultation to see if a breathing issue I am having may be related to GERD. The doctor told me she could do an endoscopy, but she did not think it would be beneficial at this point as I was not showing any of the major signs of GERD. I appreciated that she was not pushing any unnecessary, costly tests. This was only one visit and not enough information to give a full review of this doctor, but so far I think she did a very good job. March 8, 2017• Phillip C., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • I liked Dr. Reiser very much. She is a professional with a good manner and very thorough in her examination and explanation of my condition. November 9, 2016• Susan O., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • I've never been in & out of a Dr's office so quickly. Very pleased. September 28, 2016• Marvin H., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • Dr. Reiser is very nice and my appointment was quick with easy follow up. September 22, 2016• Courtney S., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • She was very professional and knowledgeable. It is comforting to have a doctor I can trust. July 16, 2016• Anita A., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • Dr. Reiser was professional, personable and competent. She understood exactly what I needed to get done and explained the procedures that I would need before she proceeded further. Her office staff were courteous and professional. Overall one of the best first doctor's appointment I've had here on ZocDoc. July 15, 2016• Julia C., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

  • I appreciated that she took plenty of time to ask questions, examined me and then offered some choices as to how to proceed. Together we came up with a plan. I would definitely recommend her! More than 1 year ago• Nicole R., verified patient• Source: Zocdoc

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  • Denise S - 3 weeks ago- Dr Reiser is thorough and up-to-date on current knowledge in her field.  She explains the rationale behind testing and treatment options in a down-to-earth manner.  She is aware that there may be unforeseen financial consequences of some treatment options and collaborates with her patients so they are fully informed before testing is conducted.

  • Veronica Hermann - a year ago- I received reminder emails plus text messages, which is great, since I tend to forget. I was seen on time and treated respectfully. One suggestion, asked your patient if they prefer text or email, so we don't get two reminders.

  • S Stiles - a year ago- Excellent  gastroenterologist.  Went for another reason, did two required tests, and she detetected something else which was evidence of a food intolerance and what had been the real issue. Very good diagnostic person.  If she recommends you take a certain test. Do it. She’s great.

  • Charity Recla - a year ago- Dr. Reiser is very thorough. She listens carefully to patient concerns and repeats your concerns back to you to make sure she has everything down. I have had 2 endoscopies with her and the second one illustrated that her treatment plan for my esophagitis has worked. She is very nice but definitely detail oriented and thorough. I’d recommend her to anyone.

  • Monique Brown - a year ago- The atmosphere was warm and friendly.  I've never had a Colonoscopy before, but, I was given sound advice on my condition which is beneficial for my health. I appreciate the sound professional advice and would highly recommend Dr. Janet Reiser for Gastro complications.

  • Joyce Warden - a year ago- This was my first appointment with Dr. Reiser for a consultation before the actual procedure.  Dr. Reiser was very informative and the staff was very professional and efficient.


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